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Nandha College of Physiotherapy

  Physiotherapy is the modern scientific physical therapeutic system of medicine for diagnosis, prevention and treatment with global aim of improving functional independence. India
It is your excellent apt selection to study at Nandha College of Physiotherapy which is one of the premier self financing co-educational academic institutions dedicated to provide quality customize educational programme in India for professional and personal lives launched in 1993 under the aegis of Sri Nandha Educational Trust by Thiru. V. Shanmugan, B.Com., as Chairman cum Managing Trustee.
Physiotherapy is the branch of health care services which supports the various departments of the hospital for various medical and surgical conditions with the aim to maintain, to improve and/or to prevent movement dysfunctions. The Nandha college of Physiotherapy consists of Physiotherapists specialized in various branches like orthopaedics, neurology, sports, cardio- pulmonary, paediatrics and geriatrics. The Out Patient Department functions daily with only Saturdays and Sundays as holidays .A total of 30 patients visit the OP on a daily basis coming for treatment whichcomes around to 600 patients on a monthly basis and 7200 on yearly basis. The main objective of treatment is to gain maximum benefit in a minimal period of time. 


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